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 About Me

      Hannah Baldus was born in rainy Washington and raised in rather dull suburban Colorado.  Her first foray into scenic painting began during high school, where she joined the Drama Club her sophomore year. Hannah quickly realized that while acting wasn't her style, throwing paint onto scenery was quite therapeutic!            

      After graduating in 2008, she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to study Psychology at Colorado State University.  Ultimately, becoming a cognitive researcher didn't pan out and, after two years, Hannah returned to her true calling, the Theatre.  Trust us, it was for the best.  

     Hannah graduated with a BA in Theatre in May of 2013 and stayed on as the Scenic Art/Props "Bridge" until 2015. Currently based out of Warwick, RI, Hannah has just completed the 2016/17 season as the Charge Artist for the Ocean State Theatre Company.

      In her free time, Hannah can be found drawing and painting her own artwork, assembling weird Mad-Max-esque Post-Apocalyptic costumes, playing video games and consuming questionable amounts of black tea. Hire her and you'll probably be subjected to any number of awful puns. Beware.

     Hannah's fashion sense consists of paint clothes and clothes that will eventually become paint clothes. There is no escape.



Why the rabbit logo?

That's Frank, my Rabbit of Disapproval. He was my constant companion throughout college and beyond. He would often steal my pencils and paintbrushes while free-roaming and came into work with me more than once for "Frank Finals Friday" to help the students de-stress. Rest in peace, F-Bun.

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